Guns…a liberal’s response.

June 26, 2008

I’m a liberal. I personally don’t own a gun, and in years gone by, I was completely anti gun. I don’t think, (and still don’t think) that the second amendment gives anyone outside of a “militia” the right to carry arms. Granted what the term militia means is up for grabs and far be it from me to define it. And what defines “well regulated”? While I haven’t read the decisions and frankly couldn’t decipher the legalese anyway, from what I’ve read about the decisions, none of that was decided today. All that was affirmed was that people living in the US can own a gun. Fine.

I do know that the intent of the 2nd amendment (regardless of the language) was to meant to allow the public to over throw the government. Remember the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written in response to the rule of King George and England. Of course nobody brings that up, since that would mean context and in the days of yor the people might have been able to take on a governmental military, I doubt a few people with a couple of pistols would be able to take an M1 Abrams tank. Having to deal with context in an argument is such a drag. Lord forbid! I have to think, but rather parrot NRA talking points.

So here it goes. The “liberals” response to today’s ruling.

It changes nothing.

Nothing!!! That’s right. People who hate guns will still not buy them, people who like guns will, criminals will still be able to get them….and the world moves on.

Guns and drugs have a lot in common, although it’s interesting to watch the groups try and ban each of them. Think about it, if guns were completely banned, they’d still be as easy to get as heroin.

Prohibition DOES NOT WORK

Let me repeat that:


It didn’t work for booze, doesn’t work for drugs and would not work for guns.

America is violent country. When we can deal with THAT then we’ll see the murder rate go down, just as we dealt with cigarette smoking: education. Smoking rates have dropped 25% in a generation.

Prohibition (on either side) does not, has not and will never work.

Of course that doesn’t make a good political issue, and is not good sound bite, so basically we’re screwed. I suppose if no one is shooting me, I’m ok.