It’s Chris Bowers day at Digging Glass!!

March 26, 2008

Chris also had two other posts that I wanted to highlight today:
Delegate Math Myth and Fact: in it Chris lays out just how behind Hillary is.

Next in his endorsement of Obama Chris lays out:

 First, many people have said that there are few policy differences between Obama and Clinton, but the truth is that their telecom policies could hardly be further apart from each other. Obama proposes exactly the sort of transformative, open telecommunications policy that we need to transform the media landscape in America, while Hillary Clinton’s telecom proposals are nothing more than heinous corporate welfare. Without a transformed telecommunications landscape, we are going to have an extremely difficult time building a progressive America or passing any of our other legislation.

Telecommunication policy is going to be the key to our growth as a nation. Our current arcane policies are going to send us to a certain “second rate country” grave if we don’t wake up. Hell if we aren’t producing actual product in this nation before we better deliver  something and information is a commodity any more.