Warm fuzzies.

May 14, 2008

Things like this give me happy feelings.



May 13, 2008

I’ve been watching MSNBC, granted on Tivo…Hillary had won before I’d even left work. They’ve had Huckabee on as a commentator. As Benen pointed out this is probably not a great idea since he’s still a “candidate” however he seems candid and well I’ve always liked his awe-shucks persona (until he brought Chuck Norris on, who is obviously a tool).

My point is two-fold:

One: cable “political” shows are entertainment. As I’ve argued with some friends previously, news hasn’t been a public service since news rooms had to turn a profit. “News and discussion” shows are basically pro-wrestling with skinny (or not so) news geeks. There are a lot of people I agree with on these shows, but in the end…it’s basically junkfood for the mind. Why else would you pit Rachel Maddow v Pat Buchanan almost everyday if you weren’t looking for a clash. Note for the reader, while I line up with Rachel, I agree with Pat from time to time. His American Conservative Mag was one of the first to call out the bullshit on the Iraq war.

Two: Huck as a commentator was correct tonight. Not like it was hard to make the “right” commentary, but he did it in a “let’s have a beer” type of way. Really if I’m going to judge anyone by the “I wanna have a beer with them” motive, it’s going to be some one on TV. My president I want to be a rocket scientist who spends his free time on the toilet reading about Middle Eastern policy. I don’t want to drink with him, I want him to look up to him.

BREAKING!! Chris Matthews uses botox.

May 13, 2008

I like Chris, most people I know can’t stand him, yet Tivo his show. Well I can’t take him too seriously, but he’s fun to watch. However, look at his wrinkley waddle and contrast that with his smooth forehead.

h/t the wife.

Analyzing Hillary’s win.

May 13, 2008

She won by over a two to one margin. She now needs to capture the last 91% of the remaining delegates. Her victory is evident. Indeed Wolfson’s new campaign strategy is working.Vote for me or else

Appalachia…anti-slave more than anti-slavery?

May 13, 2008

Josh breaks down West Virginia a lot better than I could ever hope to. I think the key point is here:

The anti-slavery, anti-slaveholding upcountry seceded from Virginia to remain in the Union after Virginia seceded from the Union. Each of these regions was fiercely anti-Slavery. And most ended up raising regiments that fought in the Union Army. But they were as anti-slave as they were anti-slavery, both of which they viewed as the lynchpins of the aristocratic and inegalitarian society they loathed.

Which might explain the videos I posted about earlier. It seems that Appalachia has a history of xenophobia.


May 13, 2008

Ouch this has to hurt.

When Dana Milbank is mocking comparing your campaign to Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch, you might want to think about an exit strategy. Of course Clinton voted for the Iraq fiasco in the first place, so she’s probably none too concerned with exit strategies.

My favorite line:

“Now, let’s see. Who’s got my money?” asks the woman who has lent her campaign $11 million to keep it afloat. She laughs. “Where — where’d they go, the people with my money?” Finally, two aides arrive to retire Clinton’s dessert debt.

Of course all hard working, blue collar, non-elite white folks walk around with two aides carrying their money. Us “creative class” folk don’t have that kind of disposable income I suppose. We spend it all on lattes and arugula.

Stupid voters.

May 13, 2008

Sometimes I do think that people should be required to pass an intelligence test to be able to vote. People who vote against someone because they don’t like his name, or because they are “the other race” are idiots.

Even more jaw dropping. Guess that whole thing about Obama’s christian pastor didn’t make the news in West Virginia.