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August 26, 2008

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Hillary’s speech means she should have been VP.

August 26, 2008

Jesus fucking christ:

The media is using superlatives to describe Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight.

The Republicans are saying she didn’t do anything to dispel the idea that Obama lacks the experience to lead the country.

I think it’s a great night for Democrats, but what will the final effect be?

Did Obama made the biggest mistake of his campaign by not choosing Hillary for his VP candidate? How many Democrats will sit the election out?

And yes, watching Joe Biden made me cringe.

Get over your fucking self. Hillary has, hop on the Obama train, it’s ok. Idiot.

Why the fuck is John McCain sending his wife to Georgia?

August 26, 2008

…and I mean the country not the state.

I remember a time, long ago (in political terms, in reality it was about two weeks ago). When Obama was acting “Too Presidential” for talking with foreign leaders on his trip.

Why the fuck is Cindy going to Georgia? What does she have to offer? Really? She’s an absentee chair and heiress of a Bud distributing company. What does she know about, care about or have the capability to contribute to an international situation? This is a serious question I’m asking.

Under the cover of the UN World Food program (which from a quick Google is the first time she’s been affiliated with them) She’s going to meet with some wounded. If she really wanted to visit some wounded soldiers, Walter Reid is probably closer, although I suppose the world is your back yard when you have your own jet. Random thought: where’s the wingnut outrage machine? I mean obviously Cindy is snubbing the soldiers at Walter Reid and around the globe to visit the wounded in Georgia. You know…foreign soldiers…not red blooded American soldiers. And why with the UN Food Program? Are the wounded in Georgia in danger of starving?

We also learn that she’s going to meet with Saakashvili, the Georgian president. Why?

Does he assitance planning a party?

Is he in need of a lift out of the country?

Is he planning a vacation an need the keys to one of the McCain’s houses?

Is he in need of fashion tips or recommendations on places to vacation?

There is no reason, other than campaign propaganda for Cindy McCain to be going to Georgia. Hell, while it wasn’t under sniper fire, at least Hillary had a clue about foreign affairs when she went to Bosnia. Cindy has nothing to contribute to the national conversation about foreign affairs, and sending her to Georgia, is just a bit “too presidential”.

Hillary’s Speech.

August 26, 2008

I listened to it on the radio on the way home. I gotta admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first, what, quarter was setting the theme, “vote Obama”. The second part, was essentially her stump speech, and “me, me, me”. As it went on, I kept thinking, man, she needs to bring this back to Obama. The last third, was just what she needed to do. The “were you in it for me…” section was especially excellent. She really called out the dead-enders in that section. I suppose I could nitpick and say she spent too much time talking about herself, but realistically she needed to recap her campaign to make the last part work.

Aside from the orange pant suit (WTF? watching the Tivo as I write this) and the fact that her voice grates on me overtime, I have to say she gave a hell of a speech, she tied her campaign to Obama, smacked around McCain, listed her accomplishments. Home run in my book.

Thank you Hillary

Now I wonder if the media will drop the Clintons Vs Obama meme. HA! sorry…I know, I know, I’m such a kidder.

Democratic Convention Day One.

August 26, 2008

I TiVoed it, since I had my main Fantasy Football draft. This is actually a good thing, as I could skip the commercials and the talking heads.

I’ll admit it, I got a little teary eyed. Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama. Both knocked it out of the park.

Whatever you think of Ted Kennedy, showing up and giving a speech was fucking amazing. Dude has brain cancer and shows up to hand the torch off to Barack. Wow.

Michelle, wow, as much of an inspirational speaker as her husband, and the kids…well that was just icing on the cavity inducing cake.

The stage design, as an A/V geek, the stage design is fuckin’ incredible. Kudos to the designer. All in all from what I saw, a very, very successful Day One.

Fox finds out about freedom of speech.

August 24, 2008

Crooks and Liars has the video I read about earlier in the day and couldn’t wait for them to post.

A Fox reporter gets in the middle of a crowd of protesters, oh I’m sorry “Leftist” protesters* as the title card under the in house reporter reminds us, and asks one person what they are protesting. I’m sure the person saw the little FOX logo on his microphone and said “Fuck Off”. The reporter starts getting all Geraldo yelling about freedom of speech, wondering why no one will talk to him, missing the fact entirely that they were protesting (freedom of speech) and practicing they converse, freedom of not speaking to a Fox reporter. The reporter is eventually swarmed by by people who start chanting “Fuck Fox News”. Hilarity ensues.

Free speech at it’s finest, and I’m sure Fox will get a lot of play at the “look at the Obama liberals who are taking over this country”. Fine. I’m just waiting for the FCC to fine Fox for allowing obscenities on the air. I mean the NFL now includes a five second delay in case a mic picks up a stray comment. CBS was fined for Janet flashing her tit so quick that you had to Tivo it to see it. I look forward to the Malkins and moralists to start deluging the FCC with complaints.

* why is it you only see Democrats called leftists on Fox News? I don’t know of any other network that uses the term leftist unless it’s referring to say, Chavez or some other extremely radical group somewhere in a distant country.

The PUMA’s are setting up for ’68.

August 24, 2008

Hell or high water…all ten, sorry 20 PUMAs (they are Multiplying!!!) are looking to cause trouble in Denver!



I hope they brought their gas masks, the tear gas is going to be thick around the Pepsi Center! I’m told that after this picture was taken they started marching in front of the Convention entrance shouting “HELL NO!! WE WON’T GO!!! WE WON’T GO UNTIL WE LOOSE AGAIN!!”

h/t GOS