Hillary’s Speech.

I listened to it on the radio on the way home. I gotta admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first, what, quarter was setting the theme, “vote Obama”. The second part, was essentially her stump speech, and “me, me, me”. As it went on, I kept thinking, man, she needs to bring this back to Obama. The last third, was just what she needed to do. The “were you in it for me…” section was especially excellent. She really called out the dead-enders in that section. I suppose I could nitpick and say she spent too much time talking about herself, but realistically she needed to recap her campaign to make the last part work.

Aside from the orange pant suit (WTF? watching the Tivo as I write this) and the fact that her voice grates on me overtime, I have to say she gave a hell of a speech, she tied her campaign to Obama, smacked around McCain, listed her accomplishments. Home run in my book.

Thank you Hillary

Now I wonder if the media will drop the Clintons Vs Obama meme. HA! sorry…I know, I know, I’m such a kidder.


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