Hillary’s speech means she should have been VP.

August 26, 2008

Jesus fucking christ:

The media is using superlatives to describe Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight.

The Republicans are saying she didn’t do anything to dispel the idea that Obama lacks the experience to lead the country.

I think it’s a great night for Democrats, but what will the final effect be?

Did Obama made the biggest mistake of his campaign by not choosing Hillary for his VP candidate? How many Democrats will sit the election out?

And yes, watching Joe Biden made me cringe.

Get over your fucking self. Hillary has, hop on the Obama train, it’s ok. Idiot.


Hillary’s Speech.

August 26, 2008

I listened to it on the radio on the way home. I gotta admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first, what, quarter was setting the theme, “vote Obama”. The second part, was essentially her stump speech, and “me, me, me”. As it went on, I kept thinking, man, she needs to bring this back to Obama. The last third, was just what she needed to do. The “were you in it for me…” section was especially excellent. She really called out the dead-enders in that section. I suppose I could nitpick and say she spent too much time talking about herself, but realistically she needed to recap her campaign to make the last part work.

Aside from the orange pant suit (WTF? watching the Tivo as I write this) and the fact that her voice grates on me overtime, I have to say she gave a hell of a speech, she tied her campaign to Obama, smacked around McCain, listed her accomplishments. Home run in my book.

Thank you Hillary

Now I wonder if the media will drop the Clintons Vs Obama meme. HA! sorry…I know, I know, I’m such a kidder.

Hillary Deadenders.

August 15, 2008

I see the Hillary Deadenders are still going strong. All several dozen of them. Explaining themselves:


(note, since I’m hopelessly lame, and can’t figure out how to Embed MSNBC video in WordPress…click on the link above)

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. These people are as delusional as any wingnut. I thought David Schuster was on their shit misogynist list for his “pimp” comment. Guess when it’s time to pimp yourself, standards…eh…who need’s em! Schuster and Maddow need their own shows.

Wonder how they’ll like McCain’s lower and middle class tax increase?

More on the Atlantic article.

August 11, 2008

I probably should have waited to read the whole thing before my last post but…well I didn’t.

Several things strike me:

  • The article is littered with examples of Hillary needing to make a decision and not doing so.
  • FL and MI, as most observers knew, were a naked play for more delegates
  • There are several instances where Hillary was looking for advice from here staff, and they were silent.
  • Hillary’s ability to move past the “inevitable candidate”* to something else was severly hindered by her staff’s in-fighting, leaking and backstabbing
  • Mark Penn’s goal in the campaign was not to elect Hillary but to become a political advisor with the fame and recognition of Karl Rove.
  • Still don’t see the sexism…(hint to Hillary dead enders, it’s not why you lost)

All and all an extremely fascinating read. I’ll admit to being a bit more sympathetic to Hillary now, however the management of her campaign is a direct reflection of how she would have managed the White House and this country. Seems we sorta dodged a bullet. Next dodge is the nuclear bomb that is McCain.

Oh and Bill still has not been redeemed in my eyes, especially with his sourpuss “endorsements

* Running as the inevtiable candidate was the deal breaker for me early on. In effect she was telling me no matter how I voted, she was going to win, so deal with it. Attacks on Obama have long used the “presumptuous” meme. To me, there was no more presumptuous campaign tactic than to run Hillary as inevitable.

Clinton’s collapse

August 11, 2008

The eagerly awaited Alantic article is out and reading it, it seems the Clinton campaign was as badly run as you could get:

In the days leading up to her stunning New Hampshire comeback, on January 8, Clinton’s retail politicking, at last on full display, seemed to make the most difference. But any hope of renewal was short-lived. Not long after New Hampshire, in a senior-staff meeting that both Clintons attended at the campaign’s Arlington headquarters, Ickes announced to his stunned colleagues, “The cupboard is empty.” The campaign had burned through its money just getting past Iowa. And the news got worse: despite spending $100 million, it had somehow failed to establish ground operations in all but a handful of upcoming states. Now, urgently needing them, it lacked the money.

Blown through all of your money before the first primary? Wow. Not to be all armchair quarter back, but That’s just incomprehensible.

Ready to lead day one, eh?

How to correctly respond to an ad

August 7, 2008

McCain’s ad:

(note that most people do not have grey hair in the ad)

(note the hair is thinner and greyer)

Why? Most the pro McCain quotes were at least four years ago before he got all nutty about Bush!

Oh yeah, and Hillary…thanks for being the most recent with the McCain praise. We’ll see that clip from now until November. Thanks!! You fucking idiot.

Memo to the Clintons…Obama won…

August 7, 2008

…and is now in charge of the Democratic Party.

Bill, the correct answer to is he ready to lead is yes. This isn’t the Monica deal, and parsing the word “is” (note, the following is the full interview, not just the clips seen on the bobble head shows, note the pouting the whole time)

Hillary the answer is no, I will not be on the ballot:

Why the fuck are these two, and the goddamn whining chorus running around giving the media the narrative they are fiending for? You lost, it sucks, and you’re no longer the de-facto leader of the Democratic party. Get over it. You weren’t gonna be the rulers forever. You got your ass kicked by a virtual no-name, it wasn’t sexism; you go rolled over. You are status quo.

Either get fully on the bus or shut the fuck up. Bush has fucked this country up six ways to Sunday and it’s going to take a full on Dem assault to fix it. If you can’t get over your petty egos then to hell with you. I used to respect you both full stop, now I understand why the wingnuts were so apoplectic about you.