Why the fuck is John McCain sending his wife to Georgia?

August 26, 2008

…and I mean the country not the state.

I remember a time, long ago (in political terms, in reality it was about two weeks ago). When Obama was acting “Too Presidential” for talking with foreign leaders on his trip.

Why the fuck is Cindy going to Georgia? What does she have to offer? Really? She’s an absentee chair and heiress of a Bud distributing company. What does she know about, care about or have the capability to contribute to an international situation? This is a serious question I’m asking.

Under the cover of the UN World Food program (which from a quick Google is the first time she’s been affiliated with them) She’s going to meet with some wounded. If she really wanted to visit some wounded soldiers, Walter Reid is probably closer, although I suppose the world is your back yard when you have your own jet. Random thought: where’s the wingnut outrage machine? I mean obviously Cindy is snubbing the soldiers at Walter Reid and around the globe to visit the wounded in Georgia. You know…foreign soldiers…not red blooded American soldiers. And why with the UN Food Program? Are the wounded in Georgia in danger of starving?

We also learn that she’s going to meet with Saakashvili, the Georgian president. Why?

Does he assitance planning a party?

Is he in need of a lift out of the country?

Is he planning a vacation an need the keys to one of the McCain’s houses?

Is he in need of fashion tips or recommendations on places to vacation?

There is no reason, other than campaign propaganda for Cindy McCain to be going to Georgia. Hell, while it wasn’t under sniper fire, at least Hillary had a clue about foreign affairs when she went to Bosnia. Cindy has nothing to contribute to the national conversation about foreign affairs, and sending her to Georgia, is just a bit “too presidential”.


Fox finds out about freedom of speech.

August 24, 2008

Crooks and Liars has the video I read about earlier in the day and couldn’t wait for them to post.

A Fox reporter gets in the middle of a crowd of protesters, oh I’m sorry “Leftist” protesters* as the title card under the in house reporter reminds us, and asks one person what they are protesting. I’m sure the person saw the little FOX logo on his microphone and said “Fuck Off”. The reporter starts getting all Geraldo yelling about freedom of speech, wondering why no one will talk to him, missing the fact entirely that they were protesting (freedom of speech) and practicing they converse, freedom of not speaking to a Fox reporter. The reporter is eventually swarmed by by people who start chanting “Fuck Fox News”. Hilarity ensues.

Free speech at it’s finest, and I’m sure Fox will get a lot of play at the “look at the Obama liberals who are taking over this country”. Fine. I’m just waiting for the FCC to fine Fox for allowing obscenities on the air. I mean the NFL now includes a five second delay in case a mic picks up a stray comment. CBS was fined for Janet flashing her tit so quick that you had to Tivo it to see it. I look forward to the Malkins and moralists to start deluging the FCC with complaints.

* why is it you only see Democrats called leftists on Fox News? I don’t know of any other network that uses the term leftist unless it’s referring to say, Chavez or some other extremely radical group somewhere in a distant country.

The worst Obama attack ad this season.

August 24, 2008

I know the GOP is short on money, but jeez, could you at least try and hire a professional voice actor?

TPM points us at the goods:

After the the shock of the childish voice over, we find out that Obama has viciously attacked John McCain. Oh noes!!! Later find out John McCain was a POW. Wow!!! I did not know! I thought the Hanoi Hilton was a resort! Finally to top it off we are shocked to learn that Obama has a (half)-brother in Kenya, and shame on Obama that he doesn’t take care of him!! I mean ZOMG!! It’s horrible, until you realized via a quick Google search that Obama has a half-brother in China too, in fact…apparently:

He’s [Obama’s half brother in Kenya] the son of Obama’s father and an American woman named Ruth, whom Obama Sr. met while at Harvard in the 1960s and brought back to Kenya.

That was after his marriage with Obama’s mother in Hawaii ended. Another son from the union with Ruth, called David, was killed in a motorcycle accident. In all, Obama Sr. fathered eight children by four women.

The GOP are really digging. I mean I know they are devoid of ideas, but wow, really? This amateurish ad is the best the Texas GOP can do? Keep trying.

Mark Halperin speaks on This Week…

August 24, 2008

…and all that comes out is “hmmf, hmmmf, hmmmf”

I’m wondering Mark, does McCain’s penis taste different than W’s?

Mark’s “performance” as it were, on This Week during the roundtable was one of the most shameful and transparent shilling for McCain I think we’ve seen in the the campaign yet. Apparently the McCain “Seven houses gaff” is a bad thing for one of the candidates, and that candidate is Obama. See apparently instead of tying in to the bad economy, the gaff instead gives McCain the go ahead to start sliming Obama with Wright, etc. Like he wasn’t going to do that anyway.

The McCain Penis is so far in Halperin’s mouth that John Cole has awarded his Golden McPenis to Mark Halperin. An award so presitegious, that this is only the second time it’s been awarded.

What a total fucking douche. How does he still have a job? Bill Kristol gets plenty of face time, but he doesn’t pretend to be a journalist. We all know he’s a Republican hack, he knows he’s a Republican Cheerleader. Halperin on the other hand pretends to be a “journalist”, and then spouts garbage like this.

McCain’s VP…

August 23, 2008

While the political world is still buzzing about Obama/Biden, which I’ll admit had me glued to MSNBC most of the day. I decided to get in front of the bus and take a stab at picking McCain’s VP pick. I’ll try to do this with a straight face, but no promises.

Now McCain has an advantage, since he knows who Obama picked. +1 McCain, however, I think the Biden pick and recent news narrows down McCain’s picks. Here are the names I hear most often: Ridge, Pawlenty, Lieberman, Romney, Crist, and the Huckster. Let’s start with the one that makes me the most nervous.

Huckabee. He’s likable (hell I even like him), popular with the religious nut jobs, however he’s never held a national office. Given McCain has the “experience” this might not be a big deal. His ideas and policies are scary as fuck, and are well hidden behind the “aw shucks, I’m just a bass player” persona. Huck being one melanoma away from the presidency scares the living shit out of me, and he’s personable enough to hide his radical agenda from most of the American people. Again on the negative side, this pick does not push the “maverick” meme McCain is running on. However, I think he’s the strongest answer to Biden.

Probability of being the pick: High

Crist has cred, yet again no national experience, then there’s the whole adoption by gays thing that’s an albatross around his neck.

Probability of being the pick: Low.

Pawlenty, is a governor, and America likes to elect governors to the presidency, yet he’d be in the veep spot. Young, counter-balances McCain’s age nicely. He has a decent story, but is not very experienced. Again, probably not a problem for McCain. However, I don’t view him as the traditional attack dog the VP is. Of course McCain seems to be his own attack dog, so maybe that doesn’t matter either. I’m gonna rate him:

Probability of being the pick: High

Ridge, Lieberman and Romney I’m going to lump together in a category I’d call “OH PLEASE PICK ONE OF THESE”

Lieberman, while as hawkish as they come is, socially pretty liberal.
Ridge, is pro-choice

Either of them would infuriate the wing-nut base that McCain has worked so hard to get behind him, even if they are tepidly so. However, both would promote his “maverick that works across this isle” theme that he’s trying to ride. The media would love it, the independents probably too, but he’d alienate his base. Either would be a bold choice but would give the Dems a stick to poke at the base with. In either of these two cases you’d pit the traditional media vs the base, I’m pretty sure there are more wing-nuts out there than independents and media folk. I think the odds are slim, but you never know:

Probability of being the pick: Medium

Lastly, my favorite. Romney. Romney flip flops so hard he’s in danger of loosening up his botox treatments and that in and of itself makes him McCain’s soulmate, even if McCain doesn’t like him. He’s a favorite of the right wing media, but is a Mormon and well, lets face it, after the seven houses dust up the last thing McCain needs is another rich white guy on the ticket. I gotta believe that where ever Mitt ranked on the scale before McCain’s gaff, he’s fallen quite a bit since then. But, for whatever reason, he’s a popular dude in some influential circles. McCain would pick him, I’d think, if he could shore up some support for McCain, and after last week, I’m not sure that K-Lo’s undying love of Romney is enough to overcome Mitt’s richness and whiteness. A blogger can dream though right?

Probability of being the pick: Low.
Probability of me wanting him to get the nod: OMFG PLEASE PICK MITT


In the end I’ll give the nod to Pawlenty, for the youthfulness and with that, probably makes him more “mavericky” than Huck

McCain Has Seven Houses, Obama Eats Arugula

August 21, 2008

Who cares. Yeah I know what Obama’s doing he’s trying to reflect the “eliteism” charge on to McCain. Yes McCain couldn’t tell you how many houses he and Cindy own. Yes, by the current standards McCain is more “elite” (I will give props to Obama on the quick turn around).

However “elite” is what we should be aiming for in a president, and the problem is the whole definition of elite has been twisted so much we’re giving Webster an aneurism. Athletes aspire to be elite, better, stronger, faster than their competitors. Politicians should too, they should be smarter, more knowledgeable and agile than their opponents. In a perfect world, I suppose, they would be and would be elected for their skills.

I believe we’re entering what Obama once termed the “silly season”. When the candidates and media are arguing over who’s more “elite” (read: is more well off) and who’s the bigger patriot. It’s stupid, unproductive, uninformative and how Bush got elected, which got us into this mess in the first place.

If you’re voting based on who has the least amount of houses, or what their salad choices are you’re an idiot and should have your right to vote revoked. The media that pimps this garbage, well…that’s a whole other story. I’d appreciate it if we could stick to the issues, but apparently that’s too much to ask.

…and the neocons fan the embers…

August 20, 2008

…in the Caucuses. Uber NeoCon and PNAC member Fred Kagan on the News Hour tonight.

And I also think that we recognize the necessity of providing Georgia with defensive weapons systems that will protect — I’m sorry, Poland — that will protect Poland itself from possible Russian attacks of the sort that we’ve seen in Georgia. So that’s why I think we threw in the Patriot missile batteries, as well.

Hell give some to Georgia too, and if you order now, we’ll throw in a battery of Patriot Missiles free as our gift to you for shopping at US Weapons-R-US.

John Issacs responds:

but it certainly also gives the lie to the Bush administration’s case that it’s making for many months, many years, that this missile defense system that we’re going to deploy in Poland was directed at Iran and certainly not at Russia.

Well, I think what Condoleezza Rice said today, the Polish leaders, some American politicians have made it clear, this missile defense system fuels the Russian fears of what they’ve been saying all along, that the missile defense system is really directed at them.

Pretty much a big o’ duh in my book. The only country that has the capabilities to shoot missiles as us is Russia. Oh but what about Iran? Issacs goes on to say:

They’ve been trying to develop long-range missiles, but they have — there is no yet — there’s not yet any Iranian missile that can hit very long distances.

Then we have this exchange:

FREDERICK KAGAN: No, because the agreement is to develop and deploy the system. And there is an Iranian threat. The Iranians have just recently been testing Shahab 3 missiles that have a range of 2,000 kilometers, which is far in excess of what they need…

JOHN ISAACS: Testing, but not successfully.

FREDERICK KAGAN: Well, good heavens, shall we wait until they’re actually landing in Europe? I mean, the problem with the defensive system, as we’ve repeatedly made clear, is that it takes time to build and develop a system. And the time to be doing that is before your enemy actually has the capability.

First we have wingnut argument #1 here. ZOMG!!! They MIGHT be able to do something BAD in the future, so we must over respond NOW. Second, even Kagan says the system doesn’t work, so why are we poking a stick in the eye of the Russians by signing this agreement now?

Kagan gets then gets all Sandbox Commando on us:

But the key thing here is that the notion that this system is somehow directed at Russia is absolutely laughable. The geometry is wrong. The U.S. missile defense program, which has been showing the Russians virtually the blueprints and diagrams of this system all along, has shown very clearly that interceptors launched from this spot will not be able to hit Russian ICBMs that are launched from Central Asia and that fly very close to the North Pole.

Note: dickweed, we have missiles that can launch from the US and hit Russia, I’m sure then that we can launch a missile from Poland and hit whatever we want in Russia. Of course even John McCain is skeptical of the system as Isaac’s points out:

In fact, the two Armed Services Committee, the Senate and the House Armed Services Committee, including the committee on which Senator John McCain, the Republican almost nominee, presumptive nominee serves, voted to cut money and prevent any actual construction of the missile, until it’s built first and it’s tested first.

Although I’m fairly confident McCain will flip flop on that vote at his earliest connivence. Isaac then cuts to the quick of of the issue

So we’re talking about tests two years away. There’s no reason to sign an agreement today, except we wanted to respond to what happened in Georgia and we wanted to ratchet up the rhetoric and the moves.

And I think it’s very dangerous from what Russia is saying, and it’s very dangerous what the U.S. has been doing.

Russia is obviously a key to dealing with among others, Iran. Kagan dismisses the importance of a relationship with Russia in favor of wracheting up tensions and in the same breath gets the facts of the Georgia conflict wrong:

So I’m not — I’m far from convinced that Russia has been a particularly useful partner to begin with, but I would point out that we were not the ones who began this.

The Russians started all of this with an absolutely illegal invasion of Georgia….

No…Georgia started this, Russia undoubtedly over reacted, but Georgia threw the first punch. Kagan ends with this peach:

Now, I think it’s entirely appropriate in that context for us to make it clear that we intend to defend our NATO allies.

With WHAT FUCKING ARMY??? You dolt, you personally, you directly have absolutely decimated our armed forces with your needless invasion of Iraq. You. Fucked. Us. And as this country continues to poke Russia in the eye with a stick, what are we going to do when they punch back? What are we going to do when they pull the stick out of our hand? Nothing. We will do nothing, because we can do nothing, and you are a directly are responsible for this situation.

And bringing it back to the election, you know what? John McCain shows ever indication of continuing this reckless shoot first and talk later type of foreign policy. The world is very unstable at this moment. We don’t need someone with a hair trigger and a mouth to match.