The worst Obama attack ad this season.

I know the GOP is short on money, but jeez, could you at least try and hire a professional voice actor?

TPM points us at the goods:

After the the shock of the childish voice over, we find out that Obama has viciously attacked John McCain. Oh noes!!! Later find out John McCain was a POW. Wow!!! I did not know! I thought the Hanoi Hilton was a resort! Finally to top it off we are shocked to learn that Obama has a (half)-brother in Kenya, and shame on Obama that he doesn’t take care of him!! I mean ZOMG!! It’s horrible, until you realized via a quick Google search that Obama has a half-brother in China too, in fact…apparently:

He’s [Obama’s half brother in Kenya] the son of Obama’s father and an American woman named Ruth, whom Obama Sr. met while at Harvard in the 1960s and brought back to Kenya.

That was after his marriage with Obama’s mother in Hawaii ended. Another son from the union with Ruth, called David, was killed in a motorcycle accident. In all, Obama Sr. fathered eight children by four women.

The GOP are really digging. I mean I know they are devoid of ideas, but wow, really? This amateurish ad is the best the Texas GOP can do? Keep trying.


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