Fox finds out about freedom of speech.

Crooks and Liars has the video I read about earlier in the day and couldn’t wait for them to post.

A Fox reporter gets in the middle of a crowd of protesters, oh I’m sorry “Leftist” protesters* as the title card under the in house reporter reminds us, and asks one person what they are protesting. I’m sure the person saw the little FOX logo on his microphone and said “Fuck Off”. The reporter starts getting all Geraldo yelling about freedom of speech, wondering why no one will talk to him, missing the fact entirely that they were protesting (freedom of speech) and practicing they converse, freedom of not speaking to a Fox reporter. The reporter is eventually swarmed by by people who start chanting “Fuck Fox News”. Hilarity ensues.

Free speech at it’s finest, and I’m sure Fox will get a lot of play at the “look at the Obama liberals who are taking over this country”. Fine. I’m just waiting for the FCC to fine Fox for allowing obscenities on the air. I mean the NFL now includes a five second delay in case a mic picks up a stray comment. CBS was fined for Janet flashing her tit so quick that you had to Tivo it to see it. I look forward to the Malkins and moralists to start deluging the FCC with complaints.

* why is it you only see Democrats called leftists on Fox News? I don’t know of any other network that uses the term leftist unless it’s referring to say, Chavez or some other extremely radical group somewhere in a distant country.


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