Hillary didn’t get vetted…

…and over at Memorandum we find that Hillary dead-enders are OUTRAGED!! OUTRAGED I TELL YOU!!

Of course apparently Hillary asked not to be vetted unless she was going to be picked:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, who ran so closely to Obama in the primary, was never seriously considered, said two officials involved with the search. She asked not to be vetted unless she was going to be picked, the two officials said, speaking on a condition of anonymity to describe the private discussions.

Christ on a fucking crutch people. Hillary lost. She ran a shitty campaign and had her ass handed to her after Super Tuesday. The fainting couch is full, you need to take a breath and step up grab your ovaries or balls, grow up and get with the program. Your candidate lost. Yeah it sucks. My candidate lost the last two presidential elections, and my country has been driven into a ditch because of it. I know you don’t think that McCain is a better candidate on our issues than Obama. But if you think, for one second, that punishing Obama by voting for McCain is going to do anything other than fuck this country up more, then you’re sadly mistaken. It might feel good in the voting booth, but the hangover will last at least four years.

A vote for McCain, or worse sitting out, is betraying everything that Hillary and you and I stand for. The cherry on top of this shit sundae, is the fact that you are pissing all over the simple democratic principals this country was founded on to appease your frail egos.


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