Obama/Biden 12 hours later.

Aside from the Ron Fournier hatchet piece, the media both traditional and new, seem pleased with the pick of Biden. I am too. I think (and I’ve mentioned it several times in this blog) that the strongest contribution Biden will make to the campaign will be as attack dog.

Obama doesn’t seem to do attack dog very well, as evidenced over the last couple of weeks. When Obama did start hitting back, ever so slightly, the traditional media and others start howling that Obama is going negative. Abandoning his “new politics”. It’s been a Catch-22 for the Obama campaign and an obvious point of weakness. One that McCain seems to have been adept at exploiting. Biden changes the calculus. Obama gains a running mate who can and is good at attacking, and leave Obama above the fray to do what he does best. Inspire and pimp his policies.


One Response to Obama/Biden 12 hours later.

  1. Ted says:

    Biden — the perfect foil for Palin!

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