McCain’s VP…

While the political world is still buzzing about Obama/Biden, which I’ll admit had me glued to MSNBC most of the day. I decided to get in front of the bus and take a stab at picking McCain’s VP pick. I’ll try to do this with a straight face, but no promises.

Now McCain has an advantage, since he knows who Obama picked. +1 McCain, however, I think the Biden pick and recent news narrows down McCain’s picks. Here are the names I hear most often: Ridge, Pawlenty, Lieberman, Romney, Crist, and the Huckster. Let’s start with the one that makes me the most nervous.

Huckabee. He’s likable (hell I even like him), popular with the religious nut jobs, however he’s never held a national office. Given McCain has the “experience” this might not be a big deal. His ideas and policies are scary as fuck, and are well hidden behind the “aw shucks, I’m just a bass player” persona. Huck being one melanoma away from the presidency scares the living shit out of me, and he’s personable enough to hide his radical agenda from most of the American people. Again on the negative side, this pick does not push the “maverick” meme McCain is running on. However, I think he’s the strongest answer to Biden.

Probability of being the pick: High

Crist has cred, yet again no national experience, then there’s the whole adoption by gays thing that’s an albatross around his neck.

Probability of being the pick: Low.

Pawlenty, is a governor, and America likes to elect governors to the presidency, yet he’d be in the veep spot. Young, counter-balances McCain’s age nicely. He has a decent story, but is not very experienced. Again, probably not a problem for McCain. However, I don’t view him as the traditional attack dog the VP is. Of course McCain seems to be his own attack dog, so maybe that doesn’t matter either. I’m gonna rate him:

Probability of being the pick: High

Ridge, Lieberman and Romney I’m going to lump together in a category I’d call “OH PLEASE PICK ONE OF THESE”

Lieberman, while as hawkish as they come is, socially pretty liberal.
Ridge, is pro-choice

Either of them would infuriate the wing-nut base that McCain has worked so hard to get behind him, even if they are tepidly so. However, both would promote his “maverick that works across this isle” theme that he’s trying to ride. The media would love it, the independents probably too, but he’d alienate his base. Either would be a bold choice but would give the Dems a stick to poke at the base with. In either of these two cases you’d pit the traditional media vs the base, I’m pretty sure there are more wing-nuts out there than independents and media folk. I think the odds are slim, but you never know:

Probability of being the pick: Medium

Lastly, my favorite. Romney. Romney flip flops so hard he’s in danger of loosening up his botox treatments and that in and of itself makes him McCain’s soulmate, even if McCain doesn’t like him. He’s a favorite of the right wing media, but is a Mormon and well, lets face it, after the seven houses dust up the last thing McCain needs is another rich white guy on the ticket. I gotta believe that where ever Mitt ranked on the scale before McCain’s gaff, he’s fallen quite a bit since then. But, for whatever reason, he’s a popular dude in some influential circles. McCain would pick him, I’d think, if he could shore up some support for McCain, and after last week, I’m not sure that K-Lo’s undying love of Romney is enough to overcome Mitt’s richness and whiteness. A blogger can dream though right?

Probability of being the pick: Low.
Probability of me wanting him to get the nod: OMFG PLEASE PICK MITT


In the end I’ll give the nod to Pawlenty, for the youthfulness and with that, probably makes him more “mavericky” than Huck


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