Dear Mr. Kristol, thank you for your concern…

I noted over at Balloon Juice your concern about Obama’s VP pick. I’m sure you have the very best of the Democratic Party in mind when you puke all over your Cheetos stained keyboard and this comes out.

Thank you Mr. Kristol for your concern and for your transparent attempt to stir up shit with the PUMAs. Of course they are all of about ten people strong, and while I’m sure they will be a reliable McCain voting bloc, I don’t know that they will be tipping any elections anytime soon.

Might I also share with you my concern about McCain and the GOP?

I’m concerned that McCain’s VP might not be strong enough to pull McCain’s head out of his ass. It’s jammed in there past the shoulders. While I’m sure checking for colon cancer at his age, is a good thing, it’s hard to answer the red phone at 3am, when you can’t move your arms.

I’m also concerned that the eventual VP pick might be a fag, an adulterer or someone with a wet suit and dildo fetish. Any of these will be very unsavory with the base of your party. You have to admit, the modern GOP is known for it’s lewd conduct. Please tell John to be careful in his pick.

I’m very, very concerned that Mr. McCain will look at his Naval experience as enough. What he really needs to pick is another Naval vet or trucker to help him. See both are very adept at tying and untying knots. It’s going to take at least two skilled knotsmiths and a lot of time and patience to unfuck this country. I fear that Mr. McCain may not have the patience or the time left on this earth to unfuck this country in a proper manner.

Thank you for your concern, and I hope you note mine.


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