McCain Has Seven Houses, Obama Eats Arugula

Who cares. Yeah I know what Obama’s doing he’s trying to reflect the “eliteism” charge on to McCain. Yes McCain couldn’t tell you how many houses he and Cindy own. Yes, by the current standards McCain is more “elite” (I will give props to Obama on the quick turn around).

However “elite” is what we should be aiming for in a president, and the problem is the whole definition of elite has been twisted so much we’re giving Webster an aneurism. Athletes aspire to be elite, better, stronger, faster than their competitors. Politicians should too, they should be smarter, more knowledgeable and agile than their opponents. In a perfect world, I suppose, they would be and would be elected for their skills.

I believe we’re entering what Obama once termed the “silly season”. When the candidates and media are arguing over who’s more “elite” (read: is more well off) and who’s the bigger patriot. It’s stupid, unproductive, uninformative and how Bush got elected, which got us into this mess in the first place.

If you’re voting based on who has the least amount of houses, or what their salad choices are you’re an idiot and should have your right to vote revoked. The media that pimps this garbage, well…that’s a whole other story. I’d appreciate it if we could stick to the issues, but apparently that’s too much to ask.


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