Obama’s VP picks (oh and McCain’s too).

I, like everyone, else outside of Obama and Axelrod have no idea who Obama is going to pick for VP. Of the supposed short list I’d have to lean towards Biden. Yes, the bankruptcy will was idiotic, however so was Obama’s support for FISA. However Biden fulfills the traditional role of attack dog better than any of the “short listers”. His famous smack down of Rudy was classic. His “Three State Solution” for Iraq is dead on. In short, I think he’s a good pick (although if I had my druthers, it’d be Dodd, Biden for Secy of State).

The person who’s name is not on the short list, yet keeps popping up is Clinton. The media likes to flog that story. The 10 Clinton supporters who are still bitter about her loss like to pimp her as the ONLY VP candidate are pushing her. I cannot imagine a more disastrous pick. She brings no positives. Her experience in legislating is as thin as Obama’s, and she compounds that by choosing loyalty over intelligence (see: Axelrod vs Penn also Bush II). She’s a rally point for the wingnuts. She brings Bill who obviously can’t stand Obama. And finally you can not get more status quo than Clinton. Obama’s message is Change. Clinton is not Change.

I doubt it will happen, but should Obama pick Clinton a) I will be more fuckin’ pissed than after his FISA cave in and b) he will effectively throw the most important election in a generation.

Oh yeah, and McCain…well, he should pick Tom Ridge. Since, well I wanna see some wingnut heads go all ‘splody.


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