We got slapped…how did we not see this coming?


But Russia retorted that America, which has a staunch ally of Tbilisi’s pro-western government, would have “to choose” between building a relationship with Georgia or Russia.

How the fuck did we not see this coming? Russia is basically telling us, we’re gonna do what we want and there’s not a goddamn thing you’re going to do about it.

And we can’t.

Our Army is at the breaking point. Diplomacy is a joke at this moment, because well, we are a joke in the international community. While we were out “fighting the good fight” and needlessly invading Iraq, Russia took notice and now here we are. Impotent.

I want to thank Bush, McCain and his wingnut echo chorus for putting us into this unconscionable position. For getting us blindsided again. Thanks. Idiots.

Bush once said that “History will be the judge” of his time in office. Well that history is starting now.


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