More on the Atlantic article.

I probably should have waited to read the whole thing before my last post but…well I didn’t.

Several things strike me:

  • The article is littered with examples of Hillary needing to make a decision and not doing so.
  • FL and MI, as most observers knew, were a naked play for more delegates
  • There are several instances where Hillary was looking for advice from here staff, and they were silent.
  • Hillary’s ability to move past the “inevitable candidate”* to something else was severly hindered by her staff’s in-fighting, leaking and backstabbing
  • Mark Penn’s goal in the campaign was not to elect Hillary but to become a political advisor with the fame and recognition of Karl Rove.
  • Still don’t see the sexism…(hint to Hillary dead enders, it’s not why you lost)

All and all an extremely fascinating read. I’ll admit to being a bit more sympathetic to Hillary now, however the management of her campaign is a direct reflection of how she would have managed the White House and this country. Seems we sorta dodged a bullet. Next dodge is the nuclear bomb that is McCain.

Oh and Bill still has not been redeemed in my eyes, especially with his sourpuss “endorsements

* Running as the inevtiable candidate was the deal breaker for me early on. In effect she was telling me no matter how I voted, she was going to win, so deal with it. Attacks on Obama have long used the “presumptuous” meme. To me, there was no more presumptuous campaign tactic than to run Hillary as inevitable.


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