If there was any doubt…

…about Bush’s bullshit about promoting “Democracy”: It’s in the crisis in Georgia. Now I’ll admit I’ve been trying to get my head around this whole ordeal, especially since I’m working with some friends in Kiev on a current project. However, we apparently have been promising Georgia that we’d back them up; Egging them on to join NATO, egging them on to flaunt their independence. “Hey!! We gotcher back” says the Bush crew.

Well I’ve seen a lot of “independent” analysis that says that Georgia should have known we couldn’t back up our “friendship”. Anyone that follows the International Press knows this. We’re bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We’ve over extended our military forces. Really, how do we get into a war with Russia? Well the right-wing frap chorus is feverantly beating themselves off at the chance to replay the cold war. In the meantime, the citizens of Georgia are getting slaughtered and the American people, who normally might care, are asking why we are involved?

According to Bush I & II we should start the liberation now.


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