Clinton’s collapse

The eagerly awaited Alantic article is out and reading it, it seems the Clinton campaign was as badly run as you could get:

In the days leading up to her stunning New Hampshire comeback, on January 8, Clinton’s retail politicking, at last on full display, seemed to make the most difference. But any hope of renewal was short-lived. Not long after New Hampshire, in a senior-staff meeting that both Clintons attended at the campaign’s Arlington headquarters, Ickes announced to his stunned colleagues, “The cupboard is empty.” The campaign had burned through its money just getting past Iowa. And the news got worse: despite spending $100 million, it had somehow failed to establish ground operations in all but a handful of upcoming states. Now, urgently needing them, it lacked the money.

Blown through all of your money before the first primary? Wow. Not to be all armchair quarter back, but That’s just incomprehensible.

Ready to lead day one, eh?


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