Memo to the Clintons…Obama won…

…and is now in charge of the Democratic Party.

Bill, the correct answer to is he ready to lead is yes. This isn’t the Monica deal, and parsing the word “is” (note, the following is the full interview, not just the clips seen on the bobble head shows, note the pouting the whole time)

Hillary the answer is no, I will not be on the ballot:

Why the fuck are these two, and the goddamn whining chorus running around giving the media the narrative they are fiending for? You lost, it sucks, and you’re no longer the de-facto leader of the Democratic party. Get over it. You weren’t gonna be the rulers forever. You got your ass kicked by a virtual no-name, it wasn’t sexism; you go rolled over. You are status quo.

Either get fully on the bus or shut the fuck up. Bush has fucked this country up six ways to Sunday and it’s going to take a full on Dem assault to fix it. If you can’t get over your petty egos then to hell with you. I used to respect you both full stop, now I understand why the wingnuts were so apoplectic about you.


One Response to Memo to the Clintons…Obama won…

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