The year was 1992.

While my family had always been diverse politically and had friendly debates about policy (I wish this could be the case nation-wide), I really started to become politically aware about 1990, so 1992 was the first year I started really watching debates, etc.

One of my buddies on an email list made reference to Dan Quayle, and me being the nostalgic sap that I am started looking up some of his best flubs. They’re all over YouTube and you should watch…comedy at its finest! I then came across the 1992 debate between Quayle, Gore and Adm. Stockdale. Stockdate was SNL gold for a long time to come (Phil Hartman was a genius). However the take away I had watching their opening statements again tonite was deja-vu. The GOP has been piling the same bullshit on for at least 24 years (I’m not speaking to the pre-Bush I years).


The Dems are scary!!

They’ll kill you…some day some shit’ll happen and it’ll be the Dems fault (of course 9/11 happened on Bush II’s watch).

They’ll spend the country into oblivian!!!

They’ll raise your taxes!!!




Disregarding Iraq…think about it.. we’ve had recessions under Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.


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