Obama’s “flip flops”

Apparently as a liberal…I’m supposed to hate Obama for flip-floping on abortion rights, the Iraq war, faith based initiatives and FISA

Well on FISA, I strongly disagree with him.

Beyond FISA (and well as the rightwing will tell you) public financing (and he’d be a fool to opt in…so would McCain…oh shit!! he did!!!)

I don’t see a flip-flop. In fact I see the same centrist that has run his campaign from Iowa, through Hillary until now. What he is saying on the major issues, the fundimental liberal issues, I see no flip-flop. As much as the traditional media wants to make hay about it, I don’t see it. Sure he’s gonna piss off the single issue voter. However if that single issue voter thinks that McCain is going to do him/her right, they are a) stupid or b) sadly mistaken.

After 7+ years of Bush, Obama has his “base” sewed up. The hardcore may sit out and now not donate, the rest of the country that doesn’t obsess about politics will make up for that. Purists, and single issue voters are sidelining themselves. The Obama train…rolls on.

Yeah, he’s not perfect, but he’s better than McCain, or Hillary, or pretty much any politician I’ve seen in my lifetime. The key is will he live up to his promise of a new politics in his administration…and for the liberal purists….that means compromise.

Can you handle it?


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