McCain and the new GI Bill.

I found it odd, that as a vet, McCain would oppose Webb’s update of the GI Bill:

A Vietnam veteran himself, McCain has opposed Webb’s bill as overly generous to veterans at the expense of career military officers and NCOs.

So be it. I suppose as McCain sees it, the more soldiers, the better to fight 100 years with.

I also found this amusing (from the same article)

There was a late scramble of Republicans switching their votes as the outcome became clear on the 75-22 roll call, which would add the spending to a larger wartime appropriations bill for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yeah!! Them GOPs loves them some troops as long as it’s politically convenient. Like say when a pro-troops bill is guaranteed to pass. Other than that, it’s pretty much a big fuck you unless it’s election time. I mean it’s not like it’s new. Did you know the defense of marriage act is back? In an election year? I’m shocked!!…actually what I found shocking was that Craig and Vitter were sponsors. Actually that doesn’t shock me at all….they obviously are craven politicians who will do or say anything to get re-elected. What really bugs me is that “value voters” don’t wise up. Why don’t they ask themselves why their issues only get aired out in election season? Why don’t they have legs after that?

Answer: because they are fucking stupid. If you are voting because some politician says they’ll get the “gay out” of the country, you seriously are an idiot. But…I digress.

So here we have McCain…a distinguished vet. Coming out against other vets making their life better…then when Webb’s bill passes all of a sudden:

McCain, campaigning in Ohio, told voters, “I’m happy to tell you that we probably agreed to an increase in educational benefits for our veterans that not only gives them increase in their educational benefits, but if they stay in for a certain period of time than they can transfer those educational benefits to their spouses and or children. That’s a very important aspect I think of incentivizing people of staying in the military.”

Benen has the video


McCain has been absent from the Senate since he started running, was actively against the bill, but now “We got it done”


Now I know McCain got his ass beat in 2000 not running right enough. I actually used to respect McCain even though we didn’t agree on much, however his capitulation in the last couple of months, ending in this, shows what a craven coward he’s become.

h/t again to Benen here and here


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