I f’n love Obama.

I do.

I think he is the most inspirational politician in my generation.

I do believe he will change Washington for the better.

I am really pissed about his capitulation on FISA.

Here’s the kicker, Obama, whatever I want to read into him (and it’s easy to do) is not the Obama I fell in love with. He is, after all, a politician. More so, he’s a politician that wants to unify the country. He’s a politician that calls out the GOP defections to him….the Obamicans. He’s a politician that wants to compromise.

As a liberal, I know that Obama isn’t going to give me everything I want. Even if we have majorities in both houses (you think the GOP is being obstructionist now…) there is going to be a subtile shift, not a earth-shattering shift…to the left. Out government was designed thusly. As much as the GOP tried to shut it down…the minority always…and should always have vote.

Obama is not a progressive, but a uniter, and really…I’m ok with that.


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