Unsurprisingly Hillary wins West Virginia.

NBC Called it right out of the gate, of course Obama conceeded earlier today.

I ran across this memo from the Hillary camp over at TPM:

In the face of grim poll numbers, the Obama campaign has attempted to dismiss today’s outcome despite the fact that Sen. Obama has outspent us on advertising, has more staff in the state, and more than double the number of offices.

How many outcomes did Clinton dismiss? Uh-huh. This also cracked me up:

Sen. Clinton has already won Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. With a win in West Virginia, Sen. Clinton will have once again proven her greater ability to win in the key swing states.

Florida and Michigan. Didn’t know Hillary won those especially when Obama wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan. It’s sad, and starting to boarder on ridiculous.

Of course she could still win, her victory in WV means she only has to pick up 91% of the remaing delegates. Go for it Hillary!


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