I’ve been watching MSNBC, granted on Tivo…Hillary had won before I’d even left work. They’ve had Huckabee on as a commentator. As Benen pointed out this is probably not a great idea since he’s still a “candidate” however he seems candid and well I’ve always liked his awe-shucks persona (until he brought Chuck Norris on, who is obviously a tool).

My point is two-fold:

One: cable “political” shows are entertainment. As I’ve argued with some friends previously, news hasn’t been a public service since news rooms had to turn a profit. “News and discussion” shows are basically pro-wrestling with skinny (or not so) news geeks. There are a lot of people I agree with on these shows, but in the end…it’s basically junkfood for the mind. Why else would you pit Rachel Maddow v Pat Buchanan almost everyday if you weren’t looking for a clash. Note for the reader, while I line up with Rachel, I agree with Pat from time to time. His American Conservative Mag was one of the first to call out the bullshit on the Iraq war.

Two: Huck as a commentator was correct tonight. Not like it was hard to make the “right” commentary, but he did it in a “let’s have a beer” type of way. Really if I’m going to judge anyone by the “I wanna have a beer with them” motive, it’s going to be some one on TV. My president I want to be a rocket scientist who spends his free time on the toilet reading about Middle Eastern policy. I don’t want to drink with him, I want him to look up to him.


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