Ouch this has to hurt.

When Dana Milbank is mocking comparing your campaign to Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch, you might want to think about an exit strategy. Of course Clinton voted for the Iraq fiasco in the first place, so she’s probably none too concerned with exit strategies.

My favorite line:

“Now, let’s see. Who’s got my money?” asks the woman who has lent her campaign $11 million to keep it afloat. She laughs. “Where — where’d they go, the people with my money?” Finally, two aides arrive to retire Clinton’s dessert debt.

Of course all hard working, blue collar, non-elite white folks walk around with two aides carrying their money. Us “creative class” folk don’t have that kind of disposable income I suppose. We spend it all on lattes and arugula.


2 Responses to Brutal.

  1. tom says:

    Odumma couldn’t vote on it. he wasn’t in the senate yet you fool. he has only been in the senate for two years.

  2. Dave says:

    Odumma, eh? You couldn’t think of…I dunno…something more than fourth grade of the name?

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