Wither Bernie Ward.

The Lion of the Left pled guily last week. It was a bit of a shock as I hadn’t been following the case for a while. I was listening to Ronn and people were calling in Pro and Con. Thankfully KGO had finally let the elephant in the room be recognized.

Having been a fan of Bernie’s for years, I trusted him. I mean I listen to God Talk, his show, his Wednesday fights….a long long time. His career on KGO, I knew it. I’d met him several times. I believed his explanation initially that it was for a book. Then on Ronn’s show I heard there were chat transcipts. I read those and I can not come to any other conclusion but he is a sick fuck. I mean your own goddamn kids, seriously? Research my ass.

I’m angry at you Bernie, I emailed you in support, I called KGO to get you back on.

Oh and the shitbirds (you know who you are) that use Bernie to broadbrush liberals: “He’s a pedophile so ALL liberals are pedophiles” you’re as disgusting as the “Bernie-can-do-no-wrong” supporters. To turn this into (and I’ve seen a lot of you) into a political game, you’re no better than Bernie.


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