Krauthammer is not a serious person.

I know this will not come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog but Charles Krauthammer is not a serious person. (h/t to a blog that has a stronger stomach than I and can keep tabs on the douchyness of the extreme right wing: Sadly, No! )

I mean seriously can anyone published in a national newspaper be more disingenuous? Obviously Krauthammer listened (or read) the speech with the sole purpose to rip it to shreds. There was no attempt to understand what Obama was saying. There was no attempt to think about the topic at hand. Obama could have gotten up there are screamed “Charles Krauthammer is the greatest person in the world” and ol’ Charles would have written about how shrill Obama was.

I honestly don’t think the Dems have all the answers. I do believe that a good healthy debate between the left and the right resulting in a compromise serves the country best. But, when the right in this country is full of disingenuous douchebags, there’s not much to discuss.

Wheels McDouchebag indeed.


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